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Just... Walking by... by Zoiby
by Zoiby

This is the masterpiece. It's like watching all of Rubberfruit's videos at once in one second It's like i'm looking into a eyes of ever...



It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008

Sogeking Stamp by SirCrocodile < Somebody please tell me the real person behind this mask! It can't be Usopp!

Blocking stamp by CrystalisZelda
Long-Haired Buttercup Support Stamp by One-Concerned
Sailor Moon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Dragonball Fan Button by AceRome

Mary-Sue by Ishdakitty
Support Mary Sues stamp by TheHopefulRomantics
Mary Sue supporter stamp by TheHopefulRomantics
Mary-sues: A humble challenge by The-Clockwork-Crow
Mary Sue Stamp by JeDoreStamps
Unrealistic Graphics in Games by ditto9
Skypiea Priests Stamps by Skadi-Skadi-No-Mi
Stop fandom abuse - FF7 by HyaKkiDouR4n

SMTN Blinking Avatar 1 by Finalzidane-X
BMW vs Gekkoukan by ChosenOfKagami
Stamp - MGS Fear Loves Bunnies by AmyJSmylie
I Support Male Gardevoir Stamp by Krazys-Stamps
GardevoirXGardevoir stamp by The-Clockwork-Crow
PPG and PPGZ stamp by Death-Driver-5000
Metroid is my fav Dungeon adventure shooter)))
Metroid Stamp by lapraskingMetroid Prime Stamp by ThellsStampsMetroid Fusion Stamp by LumiResourcesSSBB: Samus X Pikachu Stamp by Vanhelsing1117:thumb198191263:Ridley's Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Not Canon by BluedramonZero Suit Samus by Sergeant-McFluffersPro Samus Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxSamus Stamp by lady-warrior
Zelda games is awesome too!)))
Legendary Zelda Stamp by Luifex:thumb157420917:
Final Fantasy is awesome!))) Final Fantasy VI is the best!
Final Fantasy Stamp by ReverieSummonerTerra Branford Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan1:Kefka Palazzo Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan
Final Fantasy Stamp by X-yagami2k-X
But playstation era is too overrated
Cloud Whore Stamp by Kittie-cat-blackI actually played ff7 Stamp by AwesomeStamps:thumb117744232::thumb241085052:
But still, i like these games
:thumb91304835:Nanaki Stamp by littlealliegator
And i LOVE Final Fantasy XIII, so romantic.
Final Fantasy XIII Stamp by JackdawStamps:thumb265803794:Final Fantasy XIII stamp by WhiteKimahri

Should Zelda be Cartoony-Anime or Realistic? 

54 deviants said CartoonyAnime (The choice of adult people who aren't afraid of playing a cartoony games)
14 deviants said Realistic (The choice of kids who want games to hame DEM GREFICKS and blood and gore)

Journal History

I have yet another story idea for my PowerPuff Girls reboot!

Old Professor Jake Utonium tries to make a clone of his long-dead wife Ami Ydaldoog his daughter, Alexandra. All his efforts were successless all these years... but then, he brought a strange canistre with a black liquid, from a treasure hunter. Professor immideatly decides to use it on create a clones of his daughter and wife. His wife was resurrected first. She looks at him and smiles. But then, suddenly, she felt a huge pain, and she gripped her head... her hair turned black, and her skin turned pale. Then she looked at him with her Green Eyes and shouted. "You fool! You dared to use this sacred liquid to ressurect your woman?! What a blasphemy!!!", then her whole body turned into black with a lot of green eyes. But then, suddenly, Utonium's White Haired daughter was awakened. She looked at monster with her white glowing eyes and said "Begone, traitor. You have no right to be resurrected." Then Girl shot at monster with some white light, and monster decided to escape. Utonium looked at the girl and said "Alexandra, is that you?". She looked at him and said "What are you... UGH! This body... is too weak... need to... save energy...!!!" and then she turned into white light, that was separated into three lights. Pink, Blue and Green. They were unconciouss... And then, a Black Haired Woman came into laboratory, saying "Uncle, what was that noi... oh god! You were successful?". Utonium grabbed her shirt and said "I don't know what happened when i ressurected my wife and daughter, but please, take these girls and go to your mother - my sister. She must know what happened!" She was like "Okay okay, but who are those girls?" He said "Alexandra." "Eh"? "Ugh..." and then Utonium fell for the last time. "Oh, no, Uncle Jake!" She looked at his passed body and then at three unconsiouss girls. "These girs are... why did he resurrected his daughter as three girls...? Hm... Oh well! I guess i now have three cute cousins!"

Now these girls are living in the house of Jenny Utonium and her mother Karen Utonium. Girls got the names Xenia for the Red-haired one, Xyusha for the Blonde one and Oxana for the Brunette. They chose Russian names because they love Russian names. 

In some high-tech mountain base there was a strange short man with big head. One of his men came to him and said "Sir, we found the lost canistre..." "Good" "Actually... it was used by some scientist to ressurect Maiden Hell and Maiden Heaven..." "What?! Damn it! We mustn't waste time! You must find them and destroy them! Or else all our efforts to seal the will of this world's people will come to waste!"

That's the beginning ^_^
And i have much more bigger ideas for this story ^_^
  • Listening to: Ys Soundtracks
  • Reading: Various Manga...
  • Watching: Various anime...
  • Playing: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth 2
  • Eating: and Pooping
  • Drinking: and Peeing


Here's a pic of my OC Kaya in sideview ^_^
Kaya Sideview by Keytee-chan
Do you know, why i don't hate anyone...?

Because why i should hate a person, who was chosen by fate to become an evil person?!
Or, i dunno, Society made him that way? Or the people who he was growing with?!

Do you know how sad it is?

People are born... they are living... they are dying... but all of them remembered differently...

Most of people aren't even remembered...
There are those who are remembered as heroes...
And those who were remembered as villains...

Why destiny chose one person to grow up as a hero, and become a hero?
And other person was chosen to grow up as a cruel bastard, and to be remembered as a devil?

Don't you think that it's sad?
To be chosen by destiny as a villain...
Their entire life would be like a story about a very bad person...
Imagine how THEY feel? Imagine how they feel because of what they did in afterlife?

That's why i can't hate anyone.

I can't hate someone who's same mortal being as me, being pulled by destiny's strings!!!
Why does a person need a LOGICAL reason to like or dislike something?
Likes and Dislikes are not based on Logical reason, they are based on Emotional reason.
Emotionless being only with Reason cannot like or dislike something. 
Likes and Dislikes are things that came with EMOTIONS.
If something hits the right emotion of someone, he will like it. If it hits the wrong emotion, then he will dislike it. And no matter which logical reasoning he will use to back his likes or dislikes, he still, likes or dislikes it just because.

Think about it. If every human in the world used only logic, then everyone would have same opinion. 
But they don't, because they also have different experiences and different emotions.

When two people with same level of high-class intelligence start to argue with each other, nobody of them is right.
They both say logical reasoning of their opinions, and they use these reasons to back up why they like it. But they still will disagree with each other.

One guy likes cartoons, other guy likes anime.
They both give logical reasons. But they still disagree with each other.
First one likes cartoons, because each episode has it's own story that is like a little adventure. Other one likes Anime, because he prefers when show has an ongoing plot, where each episode is like a little chapter in a big story.
Each of them tells pluses of what they like and minuses of what they dislike.
Yet they still insist on what THEY like.

Do you get where i am getting at?
Truth is, both guy that likes cartoons and guy that likes anime, they both like what they like not because of logical reasons, but because of emotinal reasons.

Like with me. I prefer anime, but i still understand why a lot of Cartoons and Comics are great.
But i simply don't want to watch them, as i cringe on most of the Cartoon's and Comics' styles.
I dislike how realistic cartoons is drawn, yet i like how realistic anime is drawn. I don't like anime-like cartoons, but i like classic 90's anime. 
I don't have a logical reason of why i have this preference. It's just because of emotions i have felt when i first watched Anime in my life.
Also it's based on psychological and mental structure...

Not even a biggest genius can escape emotion. Because of emotions, two geniuses with same intellectual potential can have different preferences. One became Communist, other became a Capitalist. One became a Christian, other became a Buddhist. One became a fan of Ford, other became a fan of Pugeot.

First of all comes the emotional reason, them comes the logical reason to back it up.
I close Commissions for now, as i don't have the mood to draw them...
Anyone seen this video by Joel Vinesauce?

Let me imagine what would be AVGN and JonTron's reactions to Grand Dad 7 ^__^
AVGN: Next one is Super Mario 7... more like Super Mario Shit Went back in Ass! Wait... Grand.. Dad...? What were they thinking?!?! Why they took... Flinstones, turned it into a Mario and called it... Grand Dad 7?! Who would call Mario a Grand Dad?! He's not old, come on!
JonTron: And our next game here is Super Mario Bros 7. I mean, what could we expect from this one? We've seen everything! ...Ohhh... Grand Dad... yeah... i'm Grand Dead inside. 

Should Zelda be Cartoony-Anime or Realistic? 

54 deviants said CartoonyAnime (The choice of adult people who aren't afraid of playing a cartoony games)
14 deviants said Realistic (The choice of kids who want games to hame DEM GREFICKS and blood and gore)


Keytee-chan's Profile Picture
Keytee Tamirian.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am artist, who started to draw pictures over three years ago, (UPDATE 01 2016): 6 years ago) and now i am grow better and better! ^___^ (UPDATE 01 2016 I was on a hiatus last years... but now i make better proportions)
I can draw sketches and digital images without shading for free as a requests. (EDIT. Now i'm not) (Update 01 2016 YES I AM!)
About other, see in my status.
Color: Pink, magenta and black
food: chips, meat, spaghetti and ramen without spices.
Drink: Tea and cola
Ice cream: Was Chocolate, but now milky))
Shows: PowerPuff Girls, PowerPuff Girls Z, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure. Steven Universe.
Movie: Transformers 2, Wreck it Ralph. Star Wars.
Animals: Cat.
Games: Shin Megami Tensei series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2, Ratchet and Clank series, Dynasty Warriors series, Final Fantasy, Tales of Series, Legend of Zelda, Etrian Odyssey series, Freedom Planet, Shovel Knight, UNDERTALE.
Style: Any anime. (UPDATE2016) Now cartoony anime.
favourtie songs: Mostly from Videogames. (UPDATE2016) And anime.

Totally Hate: Nobody
Totally Love: Everyone

Current Residence: Russian Ghetto
Favourite genre of music: EVERY GENRE IS MY FAV
Operating System: Windows 7, Playstation 3, 3DS
Favourite cartoon character: PowerPuff Girls, Misty (MLaaTR), All characters from One Piece. All JoJo's Bizarre Characters, Crystal Gems, ALL Undertale characters.
Personal Quote: I am thou, thou art i, we all are people! Let's live in peace! ^__^


Let's Pose to increase our power level!

I, DIO, admire your courage.

You can speak Squirrel? Then talk to my hand.

Don't cry, AC\DC, i still love you Q__Q


He has lipstick and golden teeth. The best dude.

Mai Waifu


Requests, Commissions and Art Trades

You can ask for requests or art trades, but i have the right to decline them if they not suit my art style.


Thu Aug 4, 2016, 4:45 AM
Thanks a lot for all the faves and watch!
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Thanks for the favorites!!
Mon May 2, 2016, 6:18 PM
JoJo is best manga =w=
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Thank you so much for the watch! I truly appreciate it! :hug:
Tue Jan 12, 2016, 3:57 AM
Wed Dec 23, 2015, 9:36 PM
Wed Dec 23, 2015, 9:36 PM
Tue Dec 8, 2015, 5:40 PM
Thanks for the fav!
Thu Nov 12, 2015, 7:05 AM


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So it's (9+3+3+4)+(4+3+3+1)+(4)=19+11+4=30+4=34

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